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Eva Podles - Polish Singer

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Renata Jonscher - Polish Singer

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 Polish Folk Singers

The land of Poland is a country rich in culture and history that can be seen in various forms of which art dominates and one of them is music. In fact the history of Polish music goes back to the Thirteenth century. The 16th century experienced significant innovative developments in the field of music, even though the Seventeenth and 18th century observed the expansion and development of baroque type of music.

The traditional folk Poland music produced as an element of the nation’s revival influx within the 19th century. The time scale saw the oppression of folk music by the communist regime and its alternative by the state favored the music that was the combinations of various styles of Poland. In Poland, dance music was popular because of artists such as Chopin, who spread it all over European countries.

These types of designs were called mazurka and polonaise, important components of Polish music.
The significance of music in Poland are visible in music festivals. The most crucial amongst them, Kazimierz Festival, the Mozart Festival, and the Bogatynia’s International Music Festival.didn’t have much of an impact, unlike rock and hip-hop. S Worldwide Music Festival.

Poland gives access to numerous genres of music, which includes rock, metal and jazz, in addition to digital and brand new wave music. Poland is a treasure trove of art and culture. The conventional Polish music is poetry arranged to track and disco. Along with these, Vader, Behemoth, Yattering, Graveland, and dissenting opinions contributed to the arena of music.

The Polish people are very understanding and accommodating. They have even permitted their own music to be affected by foreign contributions. The synchronization of the different arts has led to a distinctive combination of melody and soul. Music is unlike no other and extremely calming to listen to.

As an example of the music that has come out of Poland in recent time we highlight  mezzo soprano Renata Jonscher a truly international vocalist with Poland’s version of the voice of an angel. You can hear her and watch some of her videos on a separate page.